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Need help with file I/O on GPIB file transfer!

I am reading a .CSV file of a waveform which consists of two columns,
one column is time & the other is voltage. I then convert this data
into a .ISF file format and write it to the hard disk on my PC.

Trouble is, when I open the .ISF file with NOTEPAD.EXE and copy the
data then paste it into a string control which sends the string to a
Sony/Tek AWG2005 Arb via the GPIB Write vi .. voila! perfect file
(8950 bytes), but when I just wire the converted data into a GPIB Write
vi I get only 984 bytes. I am using the Write Characters To File vi to
make the .ISF file.

Where is all the extra data coming from? And why don't I get it when I
am writing it to the file ?

I'm not very good with file I/O, so I really ap
preciate any help!

Mike Forkner

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