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Need help with commands of 8757D scalar network

Hi ,,


        Im making programs in Labview 6.0 for micro waves .. I need to setup the sweeper to set some commands in Scalar Network 8757D and Espectro .. I can set all commands well , and make almost all that i want . The only thing that im having problem is to turn the channel 2 off in Scalar network .... Someone can help me ?

The command to active the channel is C2  .. but to turn off the same command dont work ... 

The problem is :  When i let the channel 2 active , ever dont using it ,the sweep time dont accept time less than 72 ms .. And i need to set 40 ms .... I tested a lot looking for the problem , and i saw that is the channel 2 actived that occur this error..I need preset the instrument all time that i need set sweep time less than 72 ms ... Solve the problem doing it , but i want the right way , desactiving the channel 2 .... 


If someone can help me , please ....




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This is not a LabVIEW problem. Someone with experience with the instrument may see this thread but your first source for identifying the correct commands is the manual and the second is Agilent support.

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I looked for the command on manual ,,, and agilent forum is too slow .... the people dont answer fast ...

And on the manual i didnt find the command ... 

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