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Need help with arduino traffic light project

I'm very new to Labview and working on a traffic light project using a three way intersection. Basically I don't know where to begin. I want the two parallel lanes to be green and the perpendciular lane to be red when the programs starts. I will use an ultrasonic range finder that will be aimed on the perpendicular lane so when a vehicle pulls up and its some specified distance away the two green lights will switch to amber for 3 seconds and then to red for some amont of time. Once the vehcile in the perpendicular lane has driven away. I want the to then have the same scenario in the beginning. I'm having a lot of trouble with this and all help will be apreciated.  

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That is a very ambitious project for someone who is new to LabVIEW.  Is this a school project?


Have you taken any tutorials or classes on LabVIEW?  Do that before you even begin thinking about your project.


Once you are ready, start working on individual aspect of the projects.  Make simple VI's that can communicate with your range finder and detect the presence or absence of cars.


After that look up "state machine architecture" within LabVIEW and the forums.  Also search the forums for traffic light projects because this seems to be a common school assignment and you'll find examples you can peruse and try to understand.

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Yes this is a school project.

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this is traffic .vi check it

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