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Need help resetting array data

I have build a averaging filter sizing from zero crossing counter, the zero crossing counter is in the first sequence and the sizing is in the second sequence, my idea is to for every time a zero crossing occurs, the sizing sequence takes a snap of the iteration number and build an array from it. right now I'm stuck on how can I reset the array to zero at the start of each execution, as the array remembers data from its last execution. I tried initialize array and then insert to array, but it got really messy and didn't work out as well as build array, then I tried invoke node reinitialize value to default, but that only worked on the value displayed and not data in array, so how can I have a fresh array with 0 to start with?


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One of your blue shift registers of the outermost loop is not initialized.


I think your inner code can be greatly simplified. Why would you need strings at all? Index array wired to [i] is the same as autoindexing. Index array can be resized for multiple outputs. What's the significance of "1011111111"?  If you have 10 elements, shouldn't there only be 9 transitions max? The flat sequence has no purpose.

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