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Need help getting picture ring to change for a Checkers Board Game.

Hi Everyone,


I am working on a checkers board game project, and I need help with some strings and variables to help getting the pieces to move, or change. I've attached my current VI for anyone who is interested in helping.


P.S: This is my first time with Labview, so please forgive me if my work if it displeases you.



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This is a continuation of this discussion.


(Posting by phone, will look at your code later)

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You also need to attach the type definitions used (*.ctl).


There are many problems with your code by just glancing at it. The ring should be an integer type, not DBL.

  • Your lower loop will stop after 100ms of idle time and never restart again.
  • Your board indicator belongs inside the loop and the board data in a shift register. whenever the board data changes, the loop spins and updates the indicator.
  • None of your value property nodes are needed. They are for the array element, not for the array, so completely pointless. You don't need any value property nodes at all.
  • One loop and one event structure is probably sufficient for all that.
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Thank you for the help, but what do you mean by board indicator? I'm looking at the the 8x8 array with numbers 0-3, and the one where coordinates are shown. I've did some changes from your suggestion, and hopefully it can get this to work.





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I believe what altenbach is saying is that the indicator for the board (orange icon on the far right of your block diagram) is initialized with data, but it will never actually update on the front panel because it is outside the for loop. An indicator does not automatically update unless something forces it to. By placing it inside the loop, each iteration of the loop will update the indicator on your front panel.



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