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Need help created state machine with timed digital output

Hello everyone I'm new in LabView especially about how to make a state machineSmiley Tongue. I want to make simulation about state machine with digital output. In Front Panel there are volt_in as an input slider (0-10 V), two numeric control (upper limit and bottom limit), a waveform chart to plot those 3 value, and three boolean (P0.0, P0.1, P0.2) as an indicator. Boolean indicator will on if input from slider exceed the limit in certain situation. This simulation will work as follow:

1. Define the upper & bottom limit (ex. 8 & 4V)

2. Make an input from slider (0-10V)

3. If input (2) exceed the upper limit but less than 10 second (ex. you have 9V input for 8 second, but after 8 second you change the slider back to normal between 4-8V) then the boolean indicator P0.0 & P0.2 will stay off

4. If input (2) exceed the upper limit more than 10 second (ex. you have 9V input for 4 second, change to 8.5 V for 3 second, and then change to 10V for 3 second) then the boolean indicator P0.0 will turn on for 5 second, turn off, then follow by indicator P0.2 for 5 second, and turn off

5. Wait 15 second, then repeat process from (2)

Same process for input that exceed the bottom limit (P0.1 and P0.2 as indicator).

Can you help me make the block diagram of this process? I will appreciate any of your help.


Best Regards


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I would highly recommend you to open the template in LabVIEW to design state machines. You can the Standard State Machine template if you go to File -> New.. and Browse to VI -> From Template -> Frameworks -> Design Patterns.


Also, here is a good explanation of one:

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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