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Need hardcopy capability for my GPIB equipment

I think posting to this newsgroup may be a long-shot, but here goes.

We have an HP logic analyzer and a Tek 'scope that both have a GPIB
interface and a 'print' button. Does anybody know of anything I can hang on
the GPIB bus to capture the 'print' requests? I need the hardcopy printouts
so I can document the hardware and show the software guys how things work.

Any leads are appreciated,
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If anybody is interested, I found a slick system for easily getting GPIB
hardcopy images into a Windows program where I can print it, insert it into
a word processor, etc. I found it at According
to the website, you install this package, connect a GPIB cable to the PnP
card, and hit the "print" button on the test equipment. The test equipment
"prints" to the Windows program which saves the image as BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX,
PNG, TIF, or TGA files. Just exactly what I need!

I ordered my package today. I should have it in a few days. I'll post my
findings here when I have used it for a day or two.

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