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Need Update Driver for Tektronix 2440 Oscilloscope???????

Hello all,
I need the updated driver for the TTK 2440 scope. I have the old available from the NI website. Communication is possible with this old driver.It also shows the graph. But the scale settings are not fine(only the X-axis). It seems to take the Xo increment as the X-axis. So say if I set Xo=2 then the X-axis is scaled from 2 to 2 also showing the graph.
I have a doubt if its showing the same graph as on the Scope. Please help me out with this?.

Vikram Malik
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I'm not sure I understand your problem. The X axis is supposed to be the x increment. This is read from the scope and should reflect your sample rate. The only thing I noticed in the driver is that by default it appears to retrieve some pre-trigger data. What exactly is the difference between the waveform you see on the scope and what you see on the graph?
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The latest drivers can be downloaded from
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