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Need Help with Formula Node

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I'm trying to put the equation for the area of a cylinder into the formula node.

I got it working with operators. The formula node is giving me error messages and every time I fix whatever it wants me to fix... it still gives me the same error. It's always the error by the first X. it sometimes says "Missing Parenthesis" or "Missing Semicolon" and when I do add a parenthesis or a semicolon in that spot sometimes it'll continue to say it OR it moves on to another spot and continues to say the same thing until I have like 20 different parenthesis and semicolons. I don't think that's right.

Can anyone help?


Screenshot (1).png

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Accepted by topic author vomtidude
11-07-2018 10:44 AM

It seems like you are missing an asterisk after "pi" where you want to multiply it by the quantity in the parentheses.  I think you are missing other multiplications as well.

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oh, wow.

that worked, thanks!

I keep writing things in like how I would in math.

Didn't know it wouldn't recognize multiplication just by putting two variables together.

Again, thank you!

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Somewhere in Help there is a spot that will describe the syntax.


Your pure LabVIEW version can be greatly simplified.  You don't need to multiply 2 times pi.   There is a 2-pi constant in the numeric constants palette.  And you don't need to do it twice when you can reorganize the equation to multiply by 2pi at the end.



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