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Need Help !!! URGENT Questions on Data live


Hello every one
i log data of temperture every 1 sec .. i want to calculate the change in the temperture for select period .. for example i want to see the change in temperature in hour .. how i can change my log data to hour ... what i made that i log the data live from PT100 each 1 sec and i made dx(t)/dt for array of size one hour long ( 3600) as buffer then i take derivative after that i made average for the array and i saved the output of average in second array as a buffer .. my question how i make my last data represented for hour


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Dear Create New VI,


     Although you've been a member of the Forums for five years, you haven't made much use of them or you would know that posting a picture of part of your code is not at all helpful to us.


     If you want help with a VI that you Create New, then attach the VI.


     Also, it is not at all clear what you are trying to accomplish.  Here is what I think you are saying (but looking at the VI will certainly help clarify things) --

  • You are sampling temperature once per second.
  • You probably are writing it to a file (you say "log data").  You might also be saving it in memory, can't tell without seeing the code.
  • You now want to do something on a time scale of not seconds, but hours.  It is not at all clear what that is.  You mention derivatives, but why?  What are you looking for?

     Something else you should know (after being a Forum member for five years) is that a Title for your post that provides information about the question, rather than (almost) copying the title of an earlier post the same day, is also more helpful to other Forum members.


Bob Schor

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Hi , i am attaching a vi snippet this might help
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Check this out
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Nothing is attached.

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