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Natural frequency of the rotating machine with FRF

Dear all, 


I have to measure the natural frequency of a rotating shaft by using an PCB 352C33 ceramic accelerometer. It has a calibration coefficient of 100mV/g. In order to do this I should hit the shaft at least 3 times with a PCB 086C03 impact hammer (with calibration of 2.25mV/N), and record the data of the hammer and the accelerometer at 5kHz. They are connected to the C connector on a myRIO. After doing the experiment, I should determine the Frequency response function. 

I have never done this type of analysis, so I am asking for tips. I started by calculation the force from the voltage output of the hammer, but as for the FRF I don't know where to start from. 

Any tips or similar LabVIEW examples? 

Thanks in advance 


Frenka :)) 

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Do you have acess to the sound and vibration toolbox?

If yes, the examples there are a good starting point.


Greetings from Germany

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