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NXT linear actuator

I have a L12-NXT-100 firgelli linear actuator that i want to control with labview. I am trying to attach the actuator to a NXT lego mindstorm brick and I am hoping the actuator will move the brick up and down. The example files that I downloaded from firgelli's website, uses ctl files (FeedbackIndicator.ctl , LiveSensor.Output.ctl , LiveSensor.OutputProtocol.ctl  and so on) which I could not find in labview NXT toolkit. I dont have the NXT software and my code is in Labview. Is there any other way I can add linear actuator to my labview code and control it? Do I need these ctl files? where can I find them?


Attached file is downloaded from firgelli's website.

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It looks like they forgot to include the typedefs in the distribution. Try right clicking on each of the controls and selecting "Disconnect from typedef". You can then right click the control and choose "Make Typedef", then open the resulting typedef and save them in the appropriate location.

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Thank you so much for the reply. That was very helpful. I was able to make def for all the ctl files. But now it's asking for sub vi's like where can I download this? Is it a different labview toolkit that i need to download to get this vi? 

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Another sub vi it is looking for is

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