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NXG Style String Control/Indicator Display Style bug when resized.

Using LabVIEW 2018 32bit on Win7. 


If you drop an NXG string control or indicator on the BD, then enable the display style, then resize the control or indicator (using the vertical edge closest to the display style bar) the dysplay style character remains in place while the control/indicator gets bigger or smaller.  Once resized that display style character just floats around attached to the control or indicator but not where it should be.  A few pics to illustrate..







There's a work around for now, you can resize using the right side of the control and the display style indicator behaves.  But use the right side and it does not.



A small glitch which (hopefully) has an easy fix.


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same in LV2019

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this bug is still present in LV2020! 😞

@NI get that fixed!

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