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NIODBC5.DLL driver for 64bit

Trying to create a new data souce in ODBC Data Source Adminsitrator. Can connect with 32bit but not 64bit. Where might I find the driver for 64bit.
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Sorry, I should have expanded my answer. The odbc administrator is a Microsoft tool. What database are you trying to connect to?
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That is the driver for the NI Citadel database, part of the Logos component that was used in Lookout and reused in the LabVIEW DSC Toolkit. I don't think there exists a 64 bit version of that software nor that there are plans to port that to 64 bit.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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18mo later.  I'm Looking for the same 64 bit Driver.  Any idea if NI has any plans?

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