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[NI myDAQ] Function generator/oscilloscope

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Hello there.

I tried to seach some stuff and read tutorials but I'm still having one doubt: can I use the function generator and oscilloscope at the same time (I'm working on operational amplifier)?


Thank you.

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Bom dia.


Eu possuo um myDAQ e estou fazendo uns testes com a saída de amplificadores operacionais e gostaria de saber se o referido instrumento consegue gerar funções para um dado circuito e também operar como osciloscópio simultaneamente.


Desde já agradeço.

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When you say 'at the same time', do you mean in the same frame? Or are you referring to a delay in the same frame? 


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Simultaneously, using the same myDAQ for both measures.

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Accepted by topic author GustavoAraujo1

Yes, as far as I know, it can be done. However, the oscilloscope works best with some delay. Otherwise, the oscilloscope will start reading data points before the actual signal is received. These data points that your oscilloscope is reading will essentially be noise.  

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