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NI max devices on Windows 10



I have deployed an existing application (built from LabVIEW 2016 (64-bit)) on a new Windows 10 (64-bit) pc.  The application runs and communicates to our hardware (over GPIB).  I have noticed something odd, however, in NI MAX.


I am using a national instruments USB-GPIB cable which appears in NI max.  Unfortunately, I can't see any of the devices connected to the GPIB bus.  The Scan for Instruments option normally present does not appear, when right-clicking the GPIB device.  This is a non-critical issue for my current application, but it will certainly slow down future trouble shooting efforts.


Any advice?

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Maybe NI-VISA or NI-488.2 is not installed correctly.


I use a NI USB-GPIB-HS on Windows 10 everything works the same as it did on Windows 7

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Wouldn't an install issue with 488.2 prevent my application from communicated to the devices?  I can talk to them just fine, they simply do not appear in NI MAX on win 10.



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Well it sounds like something Ni-MAX needs is not installed correctly.


Those are the first two things I could think of right off the top of my head that you would have also installed, it could be Ni-MAX itself too.


Could someone have clicked "No" when Windows 10 UAC asked if you want to allow Ni-MAX to make changes to your system?

That might prevent NI-MAX from running properly.

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I know it's been a long time, but I've run into this problem again on a Windows 7 application.  I think i'm missing something in the installer I create.

Using NI USB-GPIB cable...


Installer I make for application includes:

LabVIEW run-time 16 f2 (64-bit)

NI-VISA Runtime 16.0

NI 488.2 Runtime 16.0

NI-DaqmX Runtime 16.0.1

NI-MAX 16.0


Any applications which communicate via GPIB work without issue; provided GPIB addresses are correct.  A small application to scan the GPIB addresses finds all connected hardware.  

IF I open NI-MAX and click on the GPIB device, the "SCAN for Instruments" button is simply missing.  I can't find it anywhere.  This is very confusing and creates some limitations for troubleshooting.


Note: under the device manager, I see. GPIB-USB-HS (clicking update drivers states that the drivers are up-to-date).


Any thoughts?

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I'm pretty sure the missing option is because you're installing the "Runtime" version and not the "Full" version. 





Runtime is of course lighter and such but lacks debug tools to make it so.

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would that be

"NI-488.2 Application Development Support 16.0" ???

in the "Additional Installers" section?

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