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NI graph

Do any1 know how to allocate the date& time on the waveform graph X-scale??? Isit posible??
Or only can make it in the XY graph...
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You can make the x axis display either absolute or relative time. Right click on the graph/chart and select X Scale>Formatting. You'll also have to do some things to display actual time. You can get the current time and write that to the graph's property XScale>Offset & Multiplier>Offset. The sample period would be written to the Multiplier property. The shipping example called Real Time Chart demonstrates this method. You can create a waveform data type from the Y data and write the current time to t0 with a Build Waveform function. The sample rate would be written to dt of the waveform data type. If you are using DAQ, you shuld have the option of returning data as a waveform or signal data type. Then you don't have to do any extra conversion. If using waveform or signal data, right click on the graph and make sure Ignore Time Stamp is not checked.

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Hi, i have an array of date&time need to display on x-scale how to i format it into the waveform graph??? Is it got any way to skip out the data plot when the data value equal to 0 or NULL in my database??? because i realize the graph wil plot 0 when my data is null, and i dun want to plot the data with 0 value as well. Any one can help???
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Attached (LabVIEW 7.1) is a way to convert a date/time string to a time stamp. If the time is evenly spaced, you only need to convert the first record for a graph. If the time is unevenly spaced, then you have to use an XY graph.
To skip something is the job for a case statement. You have a whole palette of comparison functions that you should look at.
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