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NI cDAQ 9178 can not find in Target and Device and Ivproj. but appears in MAX and is configured in VI



I am using NI cDAQ 9178 with NI 9213 TC input module. I connect cDAQ to my computer with the original USB cable. I try to develop a LabVIEW project for temperature monitoring and adding other instruments later. I can use the existing VI example or develop a new VI to acquire the temperature data. I can also acquire data in NI MAX. But, I still can not find my cDAQ in the target and device. So, I always failed in creating a project. 


My LabVIEW is LabVIEW 2020 (32 bit). I get everything updated and then repair the NI DAQmx (20.1). I checked the license and all the software need to be installed. But I still can not find my cDAQ in the target. Is there anyone who can help me with this problem? Thanks a lot!!!!

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