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NI-XNet Problems

There should not be any diffterence in XNET for what protocol you are running with.


I wanted to come back to you with some more information about your problem, but needed to finde a connect where I can upload.


I have made a picture of where you have your problem:


As you can see, you are selecting the signals in a wrong way. There are multiple lines in the signal list, that is NOT correct. You don't have signal names containing multiple lines, they are only one line.

To select more signales you need an array, like in my earlier post. 

Can Attempt 4_new.png

Here I have only selected one signal, one element in the array. But you can select multiple signals by adding more elements to the array. Try runniing my vi, just remember to change the link for the database for the signals to your database.


If you have more problems, post your vi you are working on now and then I'll take a look at it.

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dkfire-The vi you provided still provides the same error. I think the problem lies in the database. The database was provided by our customer and we seem unable to fix it, so we're going to see if they can de-bug it.


I appreciate the help you've all provided, and I'll let you know if we get this thing straightened out. It really doesn't seem like it should be this complicated of a procedure!



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