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NI XNET does not read CAN database frame correctly

As seen in the picture, I have a CAN database file with frames composed of signals. I read this file using the example program- Exploring database with tree found under NI-XNET. Although the program reads all frames, the signals under Huber2 is shuffled and not read according to frame definition as in the db file next to it. This happens wherever I put these 3 signals(SetPoint flow, Pressure and Temperature), they are shuffled. Other frames are read correctly. 


I know I could sort it out using start bit for the signals, however I am confused as to why this happens with just these 3 signals. 

Can someone enlighten me?canDB.JPG


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Hi GoKu,


looks like the signals are sorted alphabetically…


Are you using standard CAN or CAN-FD?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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List is alphabetical?

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I agree, the list in LabVIEW is sorted alphabetically. Obviously SetPoint_Pressure is parsed correctly, starting at bit 64 with a length of 64.
Regards, Jens
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Yeah I'm using CAN FD


It is sorted such that Upper case has precedence over lower case

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Hi GoKu,


             I am also working on a similar project with you, but it is not familiar to use xnet to load DBC to parse can data. Can you share the routine with me?


Thank you very much. Best wishes

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Hey, You can find the VI in the attachment. You can find more functionality in the example finder

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