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NI-XNET Database Editor: Aribtration ID Numeral System

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I am working on creating a CAN Database using the NI-XNET Database Editor. From the list of CAN IDs I have, many of them are denoted with h for hex and most of these values are accepted as arbitration IDs in the CAN Frames.


However, there are three cases where the IDs are not accepted:


1. CAN ID's in this format: 0x00062280 are not accepted as the arbitration id as there is only the options decimal, hex, octal, binary, SI notation. Does anyone recognise this format?


2. There are some hex values that start with a zero, e.g.  0C1003C0. When I type this in, the first zero disappears. Will the database still read it correctly?


3. Some IDs are listed with two or more codes e.g. 14082280, 16082280+Node#  . When I type them one after the other with no spaces it returns:1FFFFFF7. How do I enter this into the database?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi lisam,


1. Replace "0x" by "h" and you get the numeric format you are familiar with! (It's just a different way to symbolize the hexadecimal formatting of that number.)


2. Yes. Do you write leading zeros for numbers with usual decimal formatting?


3. An ArbID can only take one number: one entry in the database with just one number…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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Hi GerdW,


Many thanks for your answers! Your time is much appreciated.


Have a great day.


Kind Regards,



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