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NI Week Sessions Only Pass: What is the "conference" without the sessions?

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Here is what it says on the NI week website:


Sessions Only Pass: Includes access to keynotes, sessions, and expo booths only.

Full Conference: Includes three-day conference and exhibition admission, meals, exhibition receptions, and evening events.


Unless "sessions" and "conference" are being used interchangeably, it sounds like the "conference" part described in the Full Conference is more than just sessions. What does the conference include other than the sessions? I saw that there will be some hands-on workshops, but I do not know if these count as sessions or not.


Sorry if it sounds like an incredibly nit-picky question. I would just like clarification on this.

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Thanks for your interest in NI Week. For direct questions regarding the conference, please contact the NI week team at or (888) 564-9335. Hopefully you can attend!

Jake H | Product Manager
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Accepted by topic author calico_cat

The extra stuff in the full conference pass is lunch and the evening dinner/activities/parties.  No techical information is presented during these - everybody just eats, drinks, and has fun.


Hands-on workshops are considerd sessions.



Bruce Ammons
Ammons Engineering
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