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NI-WSN 3202, NI 9792 LabVIEW

Hi guys,,
i have one question, currently I'm working on my project in college and I got a topic and one part of it includes LabVIEW. I have never before used LabVIEW so I'm really new to this program and I'm struggling to find the answers for my solution. I have a NI-WSN 3202 and NI-9792 components. I have included both of my components in LabView and they are shown in my tree. In VI, somehow I made it that it shows me a status of BatteryVoltage and signal status. Now i need to turn on the LED which is located on DIO3. So, my problem is that i don't know how to start using inputs and outputs correctly. Everywhere i looked they say i need to use elemental i/o node but  i don't know how to find that. It has pink border and it is really different from mine when I just drag DIO3 on VI. I read the manual and it says the same,,so all I need is if you can help where to find that and put it on VI, and then I will easy do my block diagram and scheme and rest of that logical stuff. In addition I'm providing 2 pictures, one from manual and second that you can see that pink border(elemental) variables. 

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