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NI Vision and Graphics Card/ Hardware Acceleration

Hi, Shane,


What is difference between NVidia OpenGL drivers and NVidia CUDA technology?

I have already played with CUDA a little bit and it seems to be OK.

For example, if I want to calculate histogramm of the image - how it can be done with OpenGL?

With CUDA its pretty simple: - init CUDA->Upload image into GPU->Perform calc in GPU->Get results back from GPU->Close GPU.

Something similar possible with OpenGL, or here other ideology behind?




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It's Open C L not G L.


From what I have read OpenCl has adopted a lot from CUDA with the major advantage being that OpenCL being an OPEN standard as opposed to CUDA being an NVidia-only affair.


So ATI, Intel, NVidia and others will be able to utulise the ability of Open CL (Or rather, supply OpenCL compatible drivers for their hardware).



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Ah, just one letter and so much differences... Sorry, was confused with that.


Found the answer to my question above:


OpenCL JumpStart Guide



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Are there plans for gpu processing support in labview.  This would be a game changer in advanced graphics proccessing.  I use the vision package often but am sometimes limited by cpu speed in the algorithms I develope.  I would love to see this feature.



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Well that's the great thing about OpenCL, it's a game-changer.


It provides a single interface for heterogenous processing whether the target it a video card, a custom-solution, a DSP or whatever.  Whatever has an OpenCL driver will be used by the system to compute.  Plug and play processing power.  I want some of that!



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. . . and so would I! - It seems that NI might be cookin' something related to CUDA and NVIDIA, but I cant find any other reference to it than this recently published NI article.


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