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NI Vision OpenCV Utilities Manual

I"m trying to implement some OpenCV scripts in my project, but i can't find any resources on how to do it. All I have found was the White Paper for the NI Vision OpenCV Utilities, but it redirects me to the manual for more information and all the manual links I've found are off.

Can someone please send me the link for it or some other resources on how to do it?

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You need LabVIEW (Version 2012 or later), LabVIEW Vision Acquisition Software (Version 2015 SP1 or later), and VIPM (which should have been installed with LabVIEW).  Open VIPM and use it to download and install NIVision OpenCV Utilities.


Bob Schor

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I have installed the NIVision OpenCV Utillities package and I have the Vision Acquisiton Software already installed as well. What I'm trying to find is resources on how to use these tools. All the links I have found untill now are off (the manual link at the end of this page NI Vision OpenCV Utilities - National Instruments)

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I looked a bit more, and I think you are right -- documentation and examples appear to be missing.  This is an NI-developed Product, so you should be able to get some support (at least better documentation, and maybe an example or two) by contacting NI Support (you may need a License that includes Support).


But even if you are not under Support, posting here is another way to get the attention of NI developers.  As this is a specific NI Vision question, you might consider also posting (with a more specific title) on the Machine Vision forum.


Bob Schor

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Once you have installed the toolkit via VIPM you can locate the manual in LabVIEW by clicking on "help" on the top menu bar of any window and there should be an entry for the toolkit.OpenCV Support Help.png


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