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NI VISA via Ethernet

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Hi Arteitle,


Thanks for your reply Smiley Happy


VISA resource i am using is INSTR as i connect device via ethernet. Since its ethernet i have to add device to NI MAX with resource name INSTR if not VISA is not detecting device. Can i communicate using socket in NI VISA? If so could you please tell me how. Because i am using socket option in my CAPL driver and i think this could help in developing my driver too.



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You could try specifying to use the connection as a SOCKET instead of INSTR resource and see if that makes any difference. This article shows how to construct your VISA resource name:


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Thank you for your reply and providing information. I created TCPIP socket to connect to device and it is not working as device supports INSTR. I shall contact my vendor and ask for solution.

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