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NI USB 8502 CAN device and Pharlap

Can we use NI USB 8502 CAN device in a PXI RT running in Pharlap OS?

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What you want to need with Ni 8502 in PXI RT?


What kind of PXI you are want to use?


PXI Modules (PXIe-8521, PXIe-8522, and PXIe-8523) do not support the Phar Lap ETS real-time operating system that installs with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module.


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Not sure if the answer is yes or no, but the answer is definitely NO for a new system.  If this is just to test something really quick, even if it's not supoprted, you may be able to get it to work.  I would just install XNET to the PXI controller and see if it populates.  If it doesn't, i would spend 30 minutes Google Fooing and SSHing and then I'd give up.


Pharlap support is ending this year so please don't start a new system with it.  Bite the bullet and invest in new hardware.  Save headaches down the line.




Ben Johnson
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