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NI_TPC_WF.lvlib error



I am using a TPC-2212 and I keep getting inconsistent errors. I keep having network difficulty with the touchpanel to a cRIO 9074. One thing that pops up once in a while on the touch panel is a NI_TPC_WF.lvlib error, which claims I don't have permission to run the application. The final annoying problem is an inconsistent network connection between the cRIO and the touch panel. I have hardcoded Ethernet port 1 on the cRIO and I'm using a cross over cable with an Ethernet switch to communicate with the touchpanel. Ethernet port 0 on the cRIO is to the local developer computer which also is having trouble connecting to the cRIO. I have noticed the cRIO sometimes constantly shows up as disconnected in MAX and only after resetting the cRIO three times will it finally allows me to connect.

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Good day,


Using a crossover cable becomes necessary only if you connect the cRIO directly to the TCP, since both devices are connected to the network switch you should be using a regular Ethernet cable. If the IP settings are a problem consider using static IP settings on both devices; that normally fixes of the connectivity problems.


Regarding the NI_TPC_WF.lvlib…make sure you are running as an administrator with full privileges, no software protection is blocking NI software and the NI TPC service is running. Also, in case you are using the DSC module (which also installs the library) make sure it appears activated on the NI license manager.


I hope this helps

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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