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NI-Scope waveform image to file

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I have a NI-Scope module in a PXIe chassis. After capturing data for a few milliseconds, I wire the acquired data to a Waveform Chart or Graph, I do not remember which one I selected. The graph looks great. I use the actual data to compute minimum and maximum voltage measurements for my test. This test is part of an automated TestStand sequence. I have been asked to save the waveform image, contained within the Waveform Chart or Graph, to a file.


1. Does anyone know how to save the image to a file? I know that I can right click on the Waveform Chart or Graph and perform an export, as a simplified image, to a file. I could not find a LabVIEW method to do that automatically, as yet.


2. This relates to TestStand and this may not be the forum to ask this. Is there a method to pass the simplified image back to TestStand so that the simplified image can be displayed in the test report rather than have it located in a separate file? I could pass back that the image was saved in a file and try to find a method in TestStand to paste the file into the report.


Thank you for any recommendations.

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If you right-click the graph or its terminal you'll see can create an Invoke Node that offers several methods for saving an image of the graph along with a couple other goodies.  Check those out and see if they will do what you need...

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Thank you !!!

I should have thought of that.

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