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NI-Scope Channel or Repeated Capability Name Not Allowed




I am working with a TestStand sequence that runs some scope configuration and grabs data from an NI-SCOPE.  I haven't had a problem doing that.  However, I am trying to insert a step after configuration before triggering that will use a property node to read back some configured values for me to confirm them (and also to see what the actual sampling rate is, as opposed to the minimum sampling rate).  When I run this step I get the error in the "One_Channel_Set" attached image that says "The channel or repeated capability name is not allowed" (I give it string "2" for the channel, which works on all of my other steps including one that uses a property node).  When I try not to set the channel at all (by removing that element from the property node) I get the error from the "No_Channel_Set" image, which states to specify a channel.  My VI (with the channel configuration element in the property node) is shown in the third attached image.  I am not sure what to do to get these values from the SCOPE.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



Billy M.

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Hello William,


Try explicitly indicating the channel number in the property node using Active Channel. Take a look at this KB as a reference, it also applies to NI-SCOPE.


It will be very useful if you post the sequence and VIs presenting this behavior.




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