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NI Package Manager Ignores Dependency

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I have created an application with LV 2016 that only depends on the run time engine. When I install the application through a package in NI Package Manager, it makes no attempt to install the RTE. I can then run my application and get the error that the run time engine needs to be installed. The dependencies tab for my package is shown below, does anyone have suggestions?


forum post nipm dependencies.PNG

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Hello Gregory J,


Could you clarify, the NI Package Manager does not install the RTE?


As a work around, you can install the LabVIEW 2016 RTE directly from National Instruments' website. 


Let us know how if that solves the issue!



Michael Pahl

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Correct, it does not install the runtime engine. 

Sure, there are half a dozen ways to install the runtime engine, what I want is for NIPM to install it when it sees it as a dependency.

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Which version of NIPM  and operating system are you currently using?

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I am using Windows 10 with NIPM 18.0.2 on both the development and target PCs. I created the package using LV 2016 with the package builder add on.

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Shot in the dark, but is this computer connected to the network, where it has a feed that can supply the dependent package?  I remember hearing about a limitation with NIPM at one time where if a dependency couldn't be found.  Not sure if that is still the case.

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Interesting, in the post you linked the application doesn't install, but in my case the application does install just not with the RTE so I can't run the application. The computer is connected to the internet and our network.


I can manually install the RTE in NIPM by going to Browse Products >> Programming Environments >> LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, but I don't know if that means it is in the "ni-package-manager-released" feed that comes registered with NIPM. 

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It seems that in the other post, the issue was that the LabVIEW RT was not installed even though it was a dependency to another application that was installed. I would try posting in that discussion forum and see if the people who answered will be able to shed any more light on the issue.

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Was the machine that you tested the installer on a fresh machine? Is it possible that the run-time engine is already installed? That's the only way I could see it installing without providing the installer. You should be able to see if the run-time engine is installed using the installed tab of NIPM.

Brandon Grey
Certified LabVIEW Architect

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Hi Brandon,


The target machine did not have any NI software on it before I installed the package manager. The RTE is not installed, because when I try to run my installed application it throws an error message that it needs the RTE. If I manually install the RTE, then the application runs as expected, but of course I expect dependencies to be installed automatically as that is one of the greatest advantages of using a package manager.

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