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Using NI Package builder, I have to mention the destination path explicitly. This makes the package get deployed in a particular version of LabVIEW. Do we have an alternate method where we can make the package independent of the LabVIEW version?

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Hi Janani_28, can you be more specific? I assume you are talking about using NI Package Builder and not the Package Builder feature in LabVIEW. Can you give us an example or list the path(s) of the file(s) that you want to install and how you want that destination path to be independent of LabVIEW?

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Hi Scott_Richardson,

Thanks for the response. After installation of the package, the destination path of the source folder have to be in the user library of LabVIEW independent of the version.SS-03.png

While doing so, the package becomes dependent on a particular version of LabVIEW. Do we have any other alternate way to explicitly mention the destination path during package creation, so that the source folder will be available for any version of LabVIEW?

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Janani_28, how are you expecting the user running the installer to indicate which version of LabVIEW to install the files to, especially if there is more than one version of LabVIEW installed? Are you wanting the installer to install your user.lib files under all versions of LabVIEW installed?

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Hi Scott_Richardson,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I have to install my user.lib files under all the versions of LabVIEW installed on the target system. Is there any possibility to mention the path explicitly?

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Janani_28, what you are asking for cannot be easily supported by NI Package Builder unless NI Package Manager supports installing a package to multiple locations, such as LabVIEW directories. I think the following idea exchange covers what you are asking for: Install the same package to multiple versions of LabVIEW. For now, I am not aware of any work around.


I should point out that there is a relevant limitation in NI Package Builder where a single file can only be included in with a single destination in a single package. We hope to remove this restriction in the future. The workaround for this is to create multiple copies of such a file on disk and as inputs to NI Package Builder.

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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I would just be afraid that someone will come along and accidentally compile the code and render it useless to anyone with an older version of LabVIEW.  I think it's best to segregate.

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