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NI PXie-5433 Arbitrary wavefrom generation


I want to generate a arbitrary waveform using NI PXie-5433, for that I am loading the waveform data (.csv file format) which has a ramp wave of total amplitude of 350mV along with a offset of 350mV. (i.e. I have made my ramp wave to swing from +350mV to +700 mV by giving an offset of +350mV).

When i load my waveform file using Instrument Studio 18, The amplitude of the waveform gets reduced to 125 mV from 350 mV. (i.e after loading the waveform data it swings from 460mV to 600mV.) Its frequency is also increased ( from 152Hz to 1.6 KHz).


Can anyone help me out or suggest few ways to overcome this problem. Thanks in advance


I have attached snaps of the waveform and its profile when loaded and generated using NI PXie.



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