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NI PXI 6289 card does not show up on the host pc


I configured the pxi chassis 1042 with remote pc having winxp. In the max->remote system i cannot see pxi card 6289 so that i can run test panel and self test. Also the DAQAssistant is not visible in the lv2009 environment.


Host pc . winxp. Lv2009

Target . lv RT 9.0. Controller 8187


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To get started it would be good to verify the software installed on both the RT and host PC. It is most likely that some of the drivers are missing/incompatible. Following the directions in the below article, could you provide the MAX Technical Support Reports for both the Host PC and RT?


Next, do any errors appear on the PXI if a monitor is connected?





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 If the DAQmx assistant is not in LabVIEW, DAQmx isn't installed with support for 2009.  Install device drivers.

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In order to have a device driver which supports LabVIEW 2009 you'll need to use the 2010 DAQmx Device Driver provided below:

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