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NI MyDAQ - Driver is Unavailable on Windows 10

Hi, I am having issues with connecting my Ni MyDAQ to my computer. I have downloaded all the latest software including Lab View 32-bit, and NI ELVISmx 18.0. When I open the Ni ELVIS Instrument Launcher, it's unable to recognize any device. On the Windows Device Manager, it recognizes the MyDAQ however it says "driver is unavailable". When I connect the USB to the MyDAQ, a blue light shows up for a few seconds but then disappears. I could really use some help on this. 


I'm currently using a Huawei Matebook X Pro with 16 GB of RAM using the 8th gen I7 processor, running on Windows 10 Home version 1803. 


Thank you!

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Did you also install DAQmx for LabVIEW 2018 32-bit?


Bob Schor

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