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NI Modbus Library v1.1.5.39 "Unable to load VI ' witch the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine"

I use NI TestStand and the NI LabVIEW as an adapter. In my current project I have the following problem I have programmed a LabVIEW application in which the "NI Modbus Library v1.2.1.42" is used.

If the Labview development system is activated in the LabVIEW Adapter Configuration in TestStand, my Labview application works without errors.

If I activate LabVIEW Run-Time Engine in the LabVIEW Adapter Configuration, I get the error message ""Unable to load VI ' witch the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine Version 23.3 (32-Bit)"".

I rule out a bug in TestStand, as this error does not occur in the older LabVIEW version 2021, but in the newer Labview versions "2022 and 2023.


The last release was on Jun 29, 2018. My question is, does anyone know if the library is still maintained?

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As we don't use TestStand and our most recent version of LV is 2021, it's unfortunately impossible for me to give a more relevant answer, but it might be useful to mention that this Modbus library works without any problems in our LV applications. Our LV versions are 32-bit.

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The Modbus library works in the developer versions LV2021, LV2022, LV2023 (32-bit). Each developer LabVIEW version has olso a counterpart in the LabVIEW Runtime.

The combination:
LV-Developer-2021 (32-bit) to LV Runtime 2021 (32-bit) : Modbus library works.
LV-Developer-2022 (32-bit) to LV Runtime 2022 (32-bit) : Modbus library does not work.
LV-Developer-2023 (32-bit) to LV Runtime 2023 (32-bit) : Modbus library does not work.



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