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NI MAX Error, Add network Device no response

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I cannot get my NIMAX working its the latest version, It was installed via my installer for a VI I wrote. When I try to Add network Device I get no response from the pull down tab, it does not even give me an option. I have reset my Cdaq-9188. I have also Reset my NIMAX configuration. I have disabled my firewall, I have tried a lot of troubleshooting solutions from other forum posts but I cannot seem to make it work. I ran into this problem before I'm not sure if reinstalling the VI fixed it, I thought I had to run NIMAX in Admin mode to make it work and that does not fix it either. I want to run my VI on this separate laptop but cannot get my NIMAX to function properly. If someone has had this error and can provide some help I would appreciate it. 

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You probably also need the driver for your device with the level configuration support on your separate laptop. In your case that would be DAQmx.

Regards, Jens
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This was the  issue, I set up my installation to default, NIMAX does not include Configuration support by default. I had to manually click the NIMAX Configuration support to also install it. Thank you Kudos friend!

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