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NI LabVIEW RIO Evaluation Kit

Thank you verry much.

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Hi, I'm running the device right now and following the 5 exercices given in tutorial. But on the 3rd exercice, on the 8th step, one file is missing it's called according to the manual : RT or UI button press(SubVI).vi

It should be on the .\3- Create Real-Time Application\VIs folder but it is not.


So can someone send it to me so I can move on with it please?


Thank you very much.

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After 90 days of evaluation period should I need to return hardware to national instruments ,I just thought only software will be expired after 90 days

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AFAIK the hardware is yours to keep. If unsure, aks your NI representative about it.

Regards, Jens
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Hello Mr Jens,


Thank you for your reply regarding the issue, could you tell me that evaluation hardware kit works if i have full licenced labview suit. Once again thanks for your kind support.


With regards,

M Sai Kumar

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Dear sai_kumar,


If the following link does not answer your question (in particular section 4), you can ask your NI representative, or email concerning your question if you wish. Also, it is generally a good idea to either create your own forum post for your question or if you are going to ask a question on a forum that you did not start, to make sure that it is a current thread. When you first posted, this thread had ended 4 years ago, so you were lucky that anyone saw your post.


NI LabVIEW RIO Evaluation Kit FAQ



Alyssa H.

National Instruments

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