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NI LabVIEW 2021 (32-bit) Greyed Out "Functions" Palette

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      I just installed the Labview Community Edition free download today, NI LabVIEW 2021 (32-bit), and when I looked at the palettes drop down menu I noticed that the "functions" palette was missing.   


       The "functions" palette is greyed out, I have attached a "screenshot" of what I see in Labview for clarity.  


         Can someone tell me how I can install this palette?

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Accepted by topic author noobie_programmer

You're in a front panel window. The functions palette is only available when you're in a block diagram windows, as that's where functions are relevant.

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My mistake this is what happened:


I just installed the program yesterday and I tried to run an old program that was working on my old system and the old working program was not working in this new system, Labview Community Builder.    In Labview Community Builder, DAQ Assistant is  missing a file.    I have uploaded a screenshot of what I saw.    When I saw the "functions" palette was greyed out, I assumed that the "functions" palette was not installed, my bad.   


However, DAQ Assistant, is missing in the functions palette (see 2 screenshots that I have uploaded) and I did install DAQmx drivers.


Can you tell me which download I am missing? 



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Accepted by topic author noobie_programmer

Hi, I would like to thank you for your reply.


I un-installed and re-installed DAQmx drivers.   


Now I have a new set of configuration problems, see the attached screenshot.   


I am going to close this thread out as this appears to be an installation issue I have to work out.    


Again, thank you for your reply.



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