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NI-Industrial communications for ethernet/ip

I have a program that has been running (industrial communications) ethernetIP tag read strings.   The read was a 10 character length and has been working for years.  Today it is adding a 11th character (zero).  The information being a serial number of manufactured units is dependent on accurate numbers.  The PLC program was verified and is correct.  I created a OPC read of the same tag and that reads correct.   To continue production I substituted the OPC read.  What would cause this misread of an ethernetIP tag name?

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Hello Ailgazzap


You are working with the driver NI-Industrial communications for Ethernet/IP, what version you are using now and what version before?


Since your application was working fine for years and now it is not, you should have some changes in your software, what could be them? OS, NI software, any update? 



Frank R

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