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NI-DCPOWER - single channel measure using PXIe-4162

Hi all,


I try to measure a single channel voltage and current from my PXIe-4162 SMUs. I had a another program VI to source a channel and set it to a desired voltage I want, but somehow I cannot get the single channel measure to work. It seems really easy but I cannot figure out. 


In my measure VI, I do simple stuff:


Initialize with channel -> configure -> initialize -> measure -> close


but I think when I initialize, the voltage I set using another program will be reset and I always measure around zero. I'm not sure what I can configure to avoid resetting the voltage. 


Any one with any ideas?



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That VI does not configure anything. It initializes the channel (opens communications and likely a reset), then starts measuring...but you never specify how the SMU is supposed to behave. If you are configuring using another program then this one would reset and take control when you initialize. By default since you don't set source or measure options specifically I assume it will be sourcing 0V and measuring current (should be 0A!). Why are you using 2 program? What are you trying to do with this second one? Why not just pass the SMU resource from program A to this program and eliminate the init/reset? Craig
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thanks for the reply and this is exactly what I thought... Thanks for confirming this. I made this program as a monitor tool. Program A does the real sourcing. Program B only reads V and I value that is set by program A again at a later time (without changing sourcing set by A).



Program B allows to gain confidence at a later time that after i do something else the current and voltage stays at what I set them, so it's just a debug tool. 


Do you know if I'm even capable of doing that? Thanks.



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