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NI-DAQmx tasks on LabVIEW 2010



I currently have a remote target set up, and I am trying to send out an analog signal from a remote target (PXIe Chassis). I am able to create NI-DAQmx tasks on Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), but for some reason when I create a DAQ assistant on LabVIEW, I cannot add a channel to the task since none of the channels of the remote target show up.


The remote target that I have set up is a NI PXIe-1082 chassis with a NI PXIe-8101 embedded controller and a NI PXIe-6361 DAQ card connected to a BNC-2110 connector box.


Everything is hooked up correctly and all drivers are installed since I can generate a test signal from MAX by generating a NI-DAQmx task.


I would appreciate any help.


Thank you.

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If you dump a "physical channels" constant onto the block diagram, do any options appear? Are you sure you're setting up for an "analog output" channel as opposed to "analog input"?

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In order to see the channels of your NI PXIe-6361 card on your remote target, you need to create a new project on your host machine and then add your target to the project. Afterwards you can create a new VI with your DAQ assistant under the newly created target in your project and then you should see all the channels of your DAQ card. If your VI is located under My computer in your Project Exlorer window and not under your target, then the remote channels will not be visible in DAQ Assistant.

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