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NI-DAQmx base vi's compatibility

Hi All
I have two questions
1. I am using a PCMCIA card 6024E to perform analogue input on a pda. The specifications state that a sampling frequency of 200kS/s is guaranteed. Is there any way I can measure the sampling frequency programmatically or is there any VI for this already available in thevi library?
2. I have written a simple program  in Laview 7.1 for analogue input data acquisition using NI-DAQmx base 1.0 vi's (e.g.Ni-daqmx base read, write, etc.) which runs on a pda using the above card. I would like to  run the same program using the same card on a laptop which uses windows 2000 operating system. I believe that the NI-DAQmx base vi's are exclusive for use on pocket PC's and cannot be used with other devices such as a laptop. Is this correct?
Is there a simple way to make the program compatible , or upgrade it for use on a laptop or maybe to convert the mx base vi's into NI-DAQmx vi's without having to rewrite the program?
Many Thanks
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Hey Rupa,
Please dont start different threads for the same question. This will create confusion for the newbies like me. So please hence forth start only one thread for one question.
I can assure you that you will get the answer for your posting. So please keep this in mind.
Sarang Dhananjay Jaiswal
Satyam Development Center, Banglore, INDIA
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