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NI DAQmx Base error

We're trying to use the NI USB 9233 DAQ card with DAQmx Base 3.4 on Windows 7 and we're getting a lot of errors in the process.


The card seems to be recognized properly, as it shows in the Measurement and Automation Explorer (the one that came with DAQmx Base).


But when we open the NI Data Logger, it says "Error 200036 at Requested Sample Clock Rate not supported by device".


We're tried changing the sample rate quite a few times, and to a lot of different values, with the same result.


Also, in the NI Nase Configuration Utility, we're unable to create a task. The Device simply shows up at "Dev1" i.e. without any name. And when we try to create a task, the "OK" button is greyed out.


Any ideas what may be going wrong?


Thank you in advance



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