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NI ARB/SCOPE VI - Frequency dependent on the fly adjustments



   I'm in the process of reverse-engineering some pretty complex LabVIEW code. The section I'm currently working with involves setting up an arbitrary waveform generator, then taking measurements using NI-SCOPE to measure THD of an amplifier. It appears that the settings of each signal output/measurement are being adjusted based on what frequency is being output/measured. I believe the settings are hardwired and are being looked up in a database as needed. 


What I'd like to do is create formulas for each of the ARB/scope settings so I can alleviate the need for a database. Based on the images and code I've attached showing the scope settings for a 1kHz signal and a 12kHz signal, is there any obvious rhyme or reason to how these settings pertain to the frequency being generated/measured? So far I haven't come across a pattern.




1kHz measurement.PNG

12kHz Measurement.PNG

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