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NI 9862

When rebooting my computer, the NI 98621 shows up under devices and interfaces.  And not under network devices in my Cdaq-9188 like it should be.  

If i do a reset from the configuration data it goes back to my cdaq.  But everytime i reboot i have to reset and now it is not working anymore.  There are no leds blinking.  Changed already the NI9862 by another one.  Nothing helps.

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Hi KC089,


I've taken a look into what could be causing this issue. From what I can tell, this is similar to the issue discussed in our article Modules in Ethernet cDAQ Chassis Are Not Recognized in MAX.


As the article mentions, this behavior is caused by the Ethernet cDAQ chassis not being automatically reserved by the computer. This is a protective measure in case the chassis is in use with another computer.


The article suggests using the Self-Test function to reserve the chassis after rebooting. If you Self-Test the chassis, does the module appear correctly in the chassis?


Kind regards,

Richard Hadley

Technical Support Engineer


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