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NI 9467 - Error 65640 The firmware on the module is not compatible with this version of the NI RIO software

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Dear Protocoled!


Thank You, Now I reinstall LabView 2017 with last drivers: NICRIO1760, DCD-Jan18.

Take a look at screenshot with installed software from NI-MAX;


Seems that existing firmware v4.0 not support old firmware on NI 9467 and there is question - It's possible to update NI 9467 firmware to newer (somehow) or wait for cRIO906X firmware update.


Thank You!

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Hi Moped,


Currently there isn't a way to update the NI-9467 firmware. 


Can you call into our helpline (866-275-6964) and create a Service Request? We would be able to assist you better. You should provide the error code as well as the 9467's firmware edition (which I believe you mentioned was B020B). Let me know if you have issues with this.




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Dear BdogTheWatchdog!


Thank You! I will call to helpline and I create Service Request (I not receive confirmation Yet). I will provide Information what I have, If some extra information will be needed.



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