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NI 9411 for RPM measurement

I have a Keyence sensor/amplifier system (LV-NH32/LV-N11N) that looks at a rotating disk. I am trying to acquire the RPM of the disk as it spins down. I have National Instruments module NI9411in NI DAQ 9174. I need to make my own LabVIEW VI for my sensor/amplifier system to interact with 9411. I would like someone to tell me how to go about it. I am trying to look into example finder but I am not very sure which examples to look at. My disk starts to spin down at 10,000 rpm.

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Hi Tat-LSU,


Here are two piece of example code from the ni web site that have been used for rpm measurement. They could serve as a model for your code.


These examples are a good place to start. Let me know if you need additional resources. 




Josh Brown

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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