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NI 9401 & cDAQ - Multiple Channels

I am using a LIN R701-R710 stepper motor driver to drive a single stepper motor, but I have having some issues using the NI 9401 and NI 9482 to controller my driver. The issue that I am having is using multiple lines at once to read data as well as write data via DIO of 9401, but when I place my codes into my Main Loop it appears that I am unable to control my relay or change direction. However, this works when I place each section i.e. the relay, direction, and step loops independently on an infinite loop they all work fine. I have attached my code and any help is much appreciated.

LIN R701-R710 Stepper Motor Driver:

I based my program off on some of the NI posts and NI examples, but while I am able to move my motor it is unable to trigger the relay or change direction.

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Hi Allan,


Can you post the code that is working as well as what cDAQ chassis you are using?

Matt G.
Product Manager
National Instruments
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