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NI 9205 fluctuations

Hello There

I am using NI9205. Here I have connected 5 Torque Transducers (TT) of which one is on 12V supply and four are on 24V supply (common to all four). When I start mesurement through the module, the torque value signal varies from 0.001V to 0.01V which is nearly 10-15Nm variation. Though for 12V supply TT i have connected 1 MOhm register (as shown in manual of module) between TT signal output GND to pin-17 common of the card.(not shown in diagram) Which works good. My queries are as follows,


1. Whether the connections I have made are ok? need any improvements.

2.How should I connect other TT?

3. Is there any specific way for receving signal and software filters? Because I am just using DAQ to read signals and some software signal filters to minimize the variation, but it slows the signal reading.

Please help me out

Thank you in advance


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